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The Online Group can create a complete digital strategy for your business.

Whatever the size of your business, from owner operator through to large corporate ;  using advanced digital strategies, we can place your service or products in front of customers and prospects when they are looking for them.

Creators of the P8x Protocol, our team can provide everything from an entry level website or social media set up through to complete digital marketing campaigns and e-commerce solutions.


SEO Strategies to improve your Search Engine results.

Getting found in the search engines is the ultimate way to bring visitors to your business or website without paying for advertising.

There are around 70 important factors that give your business a good chance of featuring in the initial results that a customer sees when searching for your business name, product or service.

Optimising your site and content via SEO activities will help elevate your site's exposure on the main search engines of which there are many besides google. Some of these you wouldn't immediately think of a search engine, however they are places people go looking for products and services.

Effective SEO methodology is continually changing. What worked 6 months ago, doesn't necessarily work today. Whomever you engage to give your site the best chance to get found by your customers, ensure they are continually keeping pace with the changes. 


Website Design, Mobile Responsive and Existing Website Revamps

The starting point of an effective online strategy is a fast loading, secure website that lets your customers know who you are and where to find you.

To gain any traction in the search world your site MUST be secured with encryption (HTTPS) and to prevent malicious intervention, should be locked down to make it as difficult as possible for intruders or competitors to access and interfere with your site and customer data.

If your site hasn't had a make over for a while or you don't have a site yet, this can reflect poorly on your business. If you are starting out, this doesn't need to be an expensive exercise.

A correctly structured site from a search engine perspective is essential and it's often easier to start over, than to get a badly designed site to perform.

With more than half of all searches performed on mobile devices, your site also needs to look great on mobile, in fact mobile should be the primary consideration. If your site is hard to read on a phone, the reader will move on to the next result, even if you just paid good money via an ad to get the view.

We are able to assist with all types of site design, promotion and security for both mobile and desktop including e-commerce and membership sites.


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Online Advertising

This can be daunting to most business owners, especially if they have no advertising or PR people on staff.

Every campaign starts with an objective and we will construct a strategy that meets that objective via a multitude of online ad platforms.

Sometimes that may involve placing ads in front of people searching, other times that might involve interrupt marketing via demographic or interest targeting. Other times strategic placement of ads on relevant websites or directly over the top of competitor content can yield the best results.

We can work with all budgets and work with your designers or ours to produce effective ads that drive business.

Our unique methods to maximise ROI and retarget your prospects for free also make our ad strategies the most cost effective we've seen.


Email Marketing and Automation

The number one mistake most business owners make from a marketing perspective is not collecting and utilising emails from customers and prospects interested in what they are selling.

Big brands spend Millions of dollars on advertising to stay top of mind with their customers. Most businesses don't have millions to spend on brand recognition. The good news is that this can be achieved for next to nothing if you spend the time collecting emails and keeping in regular contact with your clients. This can be automated with the ability to do ad-hoc email blasts as required.

Automation can also be used to follow up leads or gradually build a sales message and lead a prospect by the hand to your desired result.

Marketing Automation funnels can be used to sell individual products or special offers and link into up sells, down sells and follow up with periodical offers to maximise your ROI from a customer without having to manually do any extra work once the automation funnel is constructed.  We can build email automation and marketing funnels for your business. Every funnel is unique and can do some very clever segmentation and tasks depending on the actions your customer takes in response to the steps in the funnel. Contact us if you want to discuss how email automation or marketing funnels can help your business.

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Social Media Profiles, Campaigns and Advertising

Having a strong social media presence is an easy way to stay top of mind with your customers and keep the market informed of new and interesting things happening at your business.

Some platforms have advertising options that are so laser focused, it has never been easier to reach your perfect customer in your ideal location. It has literally never been easier or cheaper to reach your market at any point in history EVER !

Dismiss Social Media at your peril. 

It is possible to link your digital media properties so that updating one, automatically updates them all.  Putting out a new product or special offer - update a post on your website and have it appear automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress or any number of platforms to increase the spread of your message and reinforce your company brand.

We are experts in automation and can set up and even manage all this for you or your business. This includes regular content creation.




E-Commerce Websites and Platform Management

We can provide a number of e-commerce solutions from integrated shopping carts and payment gateways through to set up and management of popular stand alone platforms like Shopify.

We can also create stand alone single product funnels with custom sales pages linked to a checkout. This works well for book launches, events or product launches.

Of course throwing up an online store and expecting people to flock to it is unrealistic. An online store has the best chance of success when it is part of an interconnected set of components like a great website, active social media, effective SEO application and super targeted online ad campaigns.

We would be happy to help with any or all of these services.

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