Here's what we can do for you:

We specialise in supplying sales teams with high quality Exclusive Phone Verified leads on a 'cost per lead' basis.

No contracts - No lengthy SEO projects - We just sell leads.

Leads that your sales team will love and will give you an instant return on investment.

  • Exclusive Leads delivered right into your CRM or inbox.
  • No ad spend to worry about.
  • No wasting time on creatives.
  • No expensive copywriters refining sales copy.
  • No Split testing images, headlines, sales copy, fonts, and colours.
  • No ad set optimisation, battling platforms for ad approval or recovering suspended ad accounts.

Just pre-qualified quality leads. Order on Friday & we'll start delivering on Monday (Once the systems are in place and the ads are dialed in)


High Quality Leads that match your
pre-qualification criteria with the
best contact rates in the industry!

Our Strengths

Specialising in Solar, Finance,
Insurance and
Home Services Leads


We can supply your sales team
10 - 1000 Leads per day using
Advanced Web Based
Lead Gen Technology

How we do it.

Using advanced online advertising and funnel technology, we drive traffic to pages designed to prequalify the leads based on your perfect client criteria.

Then we test and rework multiple traffic sources until a viable lead cost is acheived and we are filtering out the sub prime applicants prior to forwarding the quality leads to your CRM or inbox.

Once a campaign is operational, we can deliver leads during a time window that suits your sales team, and can scale lead volume on demand.



Need Leads ?

Every campaign starts with a conversation. We'll need to know a bit about your ideal clients, what criteria they need to meet and also a little about your capacity to service the leads we generate for you.

We'll then establish campaign parameters such as acceptable contact rates, required volume and a cost per lead that works each of us.

Please fill in your details below and we'll arrange a  time to jump on a discovery call to see if we're a good fit.


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