Conversational AI Voice Agent

AI Voice Agents for Sales and Customer Support

AI Voice Agents for inbound and outbound calls are now available

After 18 months of intense development and testing, we are pleased to announce that Voice Ai Agents are now generally available.

This means any inbound or outbound call activity for your business can be handled by an AI Agent. Once your Ai agent is trained, it will be able to answer detailed and complex questions about your products, stock availability, technical support or a myriad of other use cases. If the information exists in a digital format, our AI agents can learn or access the data live to answer inbound customer or prospect enquiries.

There are multiple languages and localised accents to choose from so your callers can easily understand the AI agent and a transcript of the call is available if following up the call is required.

The agent can live transfer calls to sales or support teams or book a call back appointment with the caller.

Voice AI Call Answering

When people call your business after hours, an AI Voice agent can answer the calls, provide the information the caller is requesting, or pre-qualify sales leads and set an appointment.

When after hours calls, especially sales enquiries are met with a "we are currently closed, leave a message" responses, there is a good chance they will move on to the next supplier and will buy elsewhere.

Inbound call AI Agents can be used for any number of purposed like:

  • Sales Enquiries
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Qualification
  • Advertising Enquiries
  • Appointment Booking
  • Timetable Enquiries
  • Stock Availability Enquiries
  • Account Enquiries

Imagine you have an AI virtual receptionist that can transfer accounts enquiries to an AI Accounts agent, or membership renewal enquiries to an Admin AI Agent. It's all possible.

Voice AI Call Center

The beauty of our AI Agents is they can scale. Currently they can handle 5000 simultaneous calls, which covers 99.999% of all use cases. If you are running intense ad campaigns with high volumes of responses, this solution is ideal. The clarity of the natural voice means your customers never have to struggle with strong accents or difficult to understand call center operators who generally have a script and no deep understanding of your business, products or services.

Voice AI Outbound Calling

Our AI agents have the ability to make outbound calls. Once caveat is that the call recipient should have opted in to your marketing or customer service systems. Cold calling random numbers is illegal in most territories.

Outbound voice can be used for any number of use cases like:

  • New Product Offers and Upsells
  • Service or Membership Renewals
  • Donations
  • Customer Nurturing
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Customer Surveys
  • Database Reactivation

Whatever use case you can think up, there is a very good chance a Voice AI Agent can be deployed to handle it.

If you have a use case and would like to discuss using conversational AI to reduce operational costs while providing a better customer support experience and capture more sales opportunities then please book a call with us to discover if Conversational AI is right for your business.


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Alan Blackmore Managing Director
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