AI Marketing Tech for Finance Cold Leads

AI Marketing for the Finance Industry

AI covers a lot of ground and can throw up all sorts of compliance concerns in the finance industry, we get that.

If you were to use voice AI to make outbound cold calls then you would run foul of many laws in many countries. Australia for instance has anti hawking laws that would most likely be broken if you were robo calling the general public offering financial services.

You probably don't want AI dishing out financial advice either - that could end in a hot steaming pile of litigation.

There are however a number of use cases that fall within permitted boundaries and are centred around servicing enquiries from people who already made it onto your database, or came onto your website and asked for help.

Use Case #1 - Cold Lead Database Reactivation

When a lead makes it onto your CRM or database they have usually asked for help. So by default or expressly, have given permission for you to contact them.

That can be easier said than done.

A lot of people won't answer unknown numbers or numbers not in their contacts (which is you), so the lead remains un-contactable, goes cold and is consigned to the too hard basket. These can accumulate in your CRM, sitting there, getting older and less valuable.

The thing is they do have value.

There's a percentage that will re-engage and convert into appointments and sales.

This is where AI comes into play, or specifically conversational AI. You can feed our AI agent a list of these contacts, the AI will then contact the lead, or keep trying until the lead tells them to stop.

Once they do respond, the AI can qualify them and set an appointment with one of your sales team.

Worst case, the agent qualifies them off your list so you know they are no longer a potential lead. (Good data to know)

Database reactivation is the simplest use case from a client technology perspective. You just need to supply a CSV file with name and phone number and the reason they got on your database in the first place, like a mortgage or business finance enquiry.

There is no need for complex integration or coding on your end. In fact we rarely bother client IT teams unless we link into your CRM to deliver the appointments and conversation history.

Here's an example of our AI agent Alice working a business finance lead.

Try Alice out - Pick Your Country, enter your details and she'll SMS you.

Use Case #2 - Ad Qualification

Wherever you are running social media ads, you can connect Alice to field questions, qualify the lead there and then and get them onto your appointment calendar.

Anywhere there is a messaging app involved like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, even TikTok, you can set the "Learn More" or maybe "Apply Now" button to talk to Alice.

Alice is 1000 times more capable than a clunky chatbot and is extremely effective at converting enquiries to appointments.

The upside for you, is once the lead sets an appointment, they are less likely to continue finance shopping. Even if it's 2am, Alice gets the job done.

Use Case #3 - Offline Print Media

Yes it's possible. Newspapers, Magazines Billboards, Business Cards, Event Flyers, Display Home Brochures the list goes on.

Instead of making your ad call to action "Visit our Website" or "Call the Office", you can change it to 'Text LOAN to 555-5555 to get started"

Alice will be waiting to reply, qualify the lead and set the appointment.

Use Case #4 - Website and After Hours Customer Service.

If you have used a traditional Q&A chatbot widget, you know how frustrating they can be. Canned responses are limited or you need to ask the same question twelve different ways before you get an answer. Alice can answer there and then and will qualify and set on the spot.

Likewise with that contact form you have so leads can enter their details so you can get back to them. By the time you do get back to them, they have most likely looked at 5 of your competitors and booked in with someone with better automation.

Sending website leads to Alice 24/7 ensures you strike while the iron is hot and secure the appointment before the lead moves on.

All the people making it through to your calendar are pre-qualified, which can only be a good thing.


So that's a few ways you can use conversational AI agents to maximise contact rates and pre-qualify finance prospects before they reach your sales team.

We're always happy to chat.  Use the Book a Call button at the top of the page to set aside some time to discuss your use case.