Bank Scammers

Phishing Email Scams !

We just had an interesting email come through on a personal email address.  Since we are an ANZ customer, for a split second I thought wow, why would they suspend our account, then in the second half of that split second I thought, hey wait a minute, they do not have this email & in fact, they have never sent me an email.

Here’s the offending email

Bank Scammers

So how do you tell it’s a fake ?  Well firstly, if you look at the email address, it comes from  (not, see the missing full stop – BIG DIFFERENCE !

Secondly, if I hover my mouse over the “log on to internet banking’  (without clicking it – NEVER CLICK IT) – it reads

Beware bank Scam

Which is a dead give away that this is a fake email.

It’s not always Nigerian Princes with Millions of Dollars to give away that are trying to empty your bank account. Be careful of any emails you get from banks or financial institutions that look official, but come through on an email address you have never given them.

If i had clicked the email, it would have done one of two things – either tried to install malware, like a keylogger program to record my bank username and password as I typed it, or it would have taken me to a fake log in page that looks identical to the bank’s website and it would have done the same thing.

They would then use the log in to access internet banking and transfer as much as possible to their own bank account which would be in a country that it would be impossible to recover it from.

So beware, don’t let these low life’s rob you blind, they should leave that to the politicians & the taxman !

–   Alan Blackmore – Managing Director