What we can do for you

While we are primarily focused on lead generation there are a number of services we can provide to help your business.

Lead Generation.

Our main focus is Lead Gen. We use a variety to methods to capture and validate prospects for a variety of industries. If we haven't worked on your industry, we are generally willing to create a new lead generation system and spend some time dialling that in so we can provide regular cost effective leads as you need them.

We like to work with companies with sales team that can instantly respond to live leads as they come in as that provides the best opportunity for you to convert.

We work on a lead package basis. You order and pay for a number of leads, we then generate those leads and deliver them to your sales team. Once the package has been delivered, you order and pay for the next block of leads.

Content Marketing.

We can create content for your website and social media in order to generate real website visitors. This can be used to raise brand awareness or to directly send people to your offers.

An example of our work is on display at  Hava is an application that automatically generates diagrams for cloud computing network infrastructure built on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes.

Before undertaking a consistent content strategy, the site was receiving around 200 page views per month.

We started a content strategy centred around topics related to cloud computing and also features of the application and promoted these on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Adding roughly 3 blog posts to the site, 10-20 social posts per week and placing content out on other platforms like Medium, Substack, Tumblr and so on, the results steadily improved over a couple of years.

The site now averages over 10k page views per month and generates a steady supply of organic sign ups for the application.

Content Marketing is a long play. You need to be consistent and add unique content 2 - 3 times a week for a prolonged period in order to see results like these.

If you need help with a content strategy and have a healthy marketing budget, please get in touch.

Website Design

We have in house capability to design websites from scratch. All of our lead generation funnels involve the creation of a branded website, although for competitive reasons, we do not share these publicly.

We do however create websites for businesses from time to time, like these:

Online Marketing

Paid traffic is the fastest path to results online. When you need results in a hurry then a good Google Adwords or Facebook Ad campaign can deliver traffic to your business or offer without the wait.

We can put together campaigns from as little as $5/day to get your business in front of your customers.


The phrase that sends shivers down the back of any business owner. The art of constructing pages on your website that give them the best chance of appearing at the top of the search engines.

SEO is another long play.

You cannot simply post up page and expect it to hit that coveted number one spot on Google search. There's a lot of work involved in creating supporting pages internally and on other websites, creating inbound links to your content, convincing other website owners to include contextual content on their blog that mentions you.

SEO is a massive amount of work and the rules change all the time. What worked last year, may get your site de-indexed if you try it today.

We're pretty good SEO's and are willing to take on anyone with patience and a serious budget.


So if you need leads, a new website, help with online marketing and paid advertising, please get in touch.

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