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We’re not your average website design business. We’re all about getting more customers through your door using strategies to outrank your competitors wherever they appear online.

Website Design :

It all starts with a website. You could be here because you don’t have a website,

or the one you have looks like this

Web Design Deloraine









Either way, we can create or redesign your website to produce a site to be proud of, but at the end of the day

……. That doesn’t really matter  !

What matters is getting eyes on your website so you get more customers. End of story !

That’s it, thanks for dropping by.

Ok, let me elaborate.

All that matters is to do 101% of everything your competition is doing.  You can apply this to any aspect of your business, but this applies in particular to your website and online presence. Doing things just a little bit better or doing a little bit more is the backbone of EVERYTHING you do online.

We start every website by looking at the business and industry, and working out what customers are typing to search for your type of business.

Web Design Tasmania

We need to go where the eyeballs are.  Depending on your business, this can be in one of a dozen places, so we design your website to show up for the right search terms in the right places.

As far as search is concerned, google trumps everything so we use the tools, methods and structures google ask for.

The sites we design are extremely flexible because we use the wordpress platform, which google’s search team have acknowledged is one of their preferred website management platforms to analyse and rank.

The upside of using wordpress is that you can build the site and change the look and feel of the site whenever you like. As trends change, you can update your site by applying a new “theme” which preserves all of your website pages and lays them out in the new format – so any work you have put in adding pages, blog posts, client testimonials etc is preserved and you don’t need to start from scratch.

wordpress themes

There are thousands of themes to choose from, so we’ll have a good base to start building and tweaking your site.

Our basic website package will get you set up, online with unlimited email addresses for you business.

Whether you use our services or not it is extremely important to OWN your own website.

There are a lot of web site platforms advertising to lure you on to their platforms. Some are free and some appear free, but you end up paying for each individual feature.

You can go do that & get up and running however…..


web design deloraine

Why ?  From a business perspective, you don’t own the asset.

Hosting on any third party platform means that

  • The host platform can be bought out, go bust and/or shut down at any time
  • it’s not an asset you can sell (so is worthless)
  • the platform can kick you out for any reason at any time

Try selling an amazon or ebay shop vs an e-commerce store on a site you own & you’ll find out what owning the asset is all about.

Also, please buy and own your own domain.  Not only does it make your business look more professional, but it protects your competitors from taking it from you

Who looks more professional  :  hotlips57@bigpond.com    or   enquiries@ProTreeServices.com.au

Domains cost around $20 for 2 years and hosting your website on a major website host is well under $10 a month

See our Resources page for recommendations.

Keep an eye out for the next post : More Important Than Your Website

If you need a website, help with online marketing, social media, online advertising, review management strategies, or just have questions  – please give us a call.