How to Reach More Cold Leads

Reaching Cold Leads using A.I.

Every business has cold leads. Especially if you are buying in leads, running ads or investing in SEO and content marketing.

People come, express an interest, fill in your website forms and then ghost you. This non contact rate can be 30% or higher.

To cut straight to the chase. Our service uses conversational AI agents to

  • Engage with these leads and get them into a conversation
  • Find out if they are still in the market
  • Qualifies them
  • Books in an appointment or can live transfer during work hours
  • Follows up no-shows to get a definitive yes or no

This solution without fail leads to more sales, reduced staff costs and a healthier bottom line.

Our CEO is always happy to discuss our solutions and can tell within a few minutes if it will work for your business.

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Is an AI Agent right for my business?

We don't know until we have a chat.

If you have :

  • A database of cold leads
  • You are running ads and want to qualify people before they reach your sales team
  • Inbound enquiries you struggle to answer quickly
  • After hours calls or website enquiries you can't answer in real time

then there is a fair chance deploying an AI Agent in your business will result in reaching more of the right leads and making more sales.

What are the advantages of an AI Agent?

For database reactivation, an AI agent gets through to the leads, using the channels they are more likely to respond to. This means you get in front of more leads and your sales team don't waste hours and hours dialling people that wont pickup the phone.

AI agents are trained on your business, products and offers so they can answer all the detailed questions your leads are likely to ask.

As well as detailed model training, our AI agents are also connected to large language models like ChatGPT so can hold a conversation and answer questions on any subject the lead is likely to raise like say the impact of shade for solar enquiries or the advantages of equity secured business loans.

AI Agents will also understand your desired outcome and steer the conversation back to that outcome.

AI agents are scalable, clear and easy to understand (Voice), work 24/7/365, never get sick or need a vacation.

AI Agents can integrate with your existing CRM and sales calendar.

What does an AI Agent Cost?

Database Reactivation (DBR)

For working through your cold lead database, there are no upfront costs apart from some minor SMS messaging costs.

We like to work on a performance basis for this service. You hand us a CSV file of leads to chase and we set everything up in the background. We train the AI model on your business, and task it with your desired outcome. Once you make a sale, you pay us your normal commission or referrer fee. So it's essentially a no-win no-fee scenario.

Ad Qualification or Webchat Agents (Text Based)

Another AI service we provide is to place an AI agent in front of inbound live traffic, like ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok or a website chat widget.

Pricing can very depending in the complexity of the Agent and there is an initial setup fee.

Typically you would be looking at a $997 project set up fee and a similar monthly cost.

These AI agents can save labour costs from one person to an entire call centre

Voice AI Agents

Voice AI agents are a little more complex to set up and can vary depending on the project scope.

A typical single voice agent set up will usually cost $1497 to establish

Monthly rates are similar, however they depend on call volumes, location and other factors which can be assessed with our tech team.

Who are you?

The Online Group was established in 1994 and has been developing software and marketing automation systems for a little over 30 years.

Our CEO and founder Alan Blackmore is based in Western Australia, but services clients globally.

We are partnered with leading AI specialists based in the UK which includes the development and deployment team who train and manage the AI agents.

I'm Interested in Generating More Sales using AI - What Next?

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