Web Site Resources

This page is intended for new clients to assist in the set up of new website projects.  We personally use the resources listed below and we have made notes to guide clients through the process.

Stage 1:  Domain Name.

We should have already discussed domain name selection – go to Godaddy and register the domain exactly as chosen – make sure you get the  .com.au if we’re setting up an Australian based local business – as this will help you get found with local search terms.

The Online Group

Click on the picture to check availability of the domain name you want.

You will be asked what duration you want to register for.  Register whatever length you are comfortable with. If you are sticking with your business long term, then the longer period the better. This helps protect the domain name against loss in 12 months if you forget to renew or miss the reminder emails.  We usually go with 5 years, but you can opt for any period from 1 – 10 years.

You will be offered lots of lovely things – a Website Builder, Hosting, Email – There is no need to add these.

You’ll then need to create a godaddy account – make a note of the account number and password.

If you select a .com.au account, then you will need to provide an ABN and declare that you are an Australian Entity


Stage 2: Domain Hosting.

For Domain Hosting, we recommend HostGator for most small business needs.  Unless you are expecting massive surges in site visitors (Thousands of people accessing your site at the same time), or are intending to set up an E-commerce store with hundreds of thousands of products listed, then the entry level shared hosting from HostGator is fine.


  1. Click on the picture to get to Hostgator
  2. Sign up for a new account  – Important: write down the username and password – we’ll need those to start the project
  3. Here’s where we need to choose a plan.

web hosting plans

If you are only ever likely to need one single website – then the Hatchling plan is all we need.

However if at some point down the line, you want to set up another website, be that a personal blog, one for the local sports club, or another business you start, then the Baby plan – it’s $2 more a month, but gives us options.

Don’t worry about the cloud upgrade. We implement a strategy to speed up and secure your site via the cloud that is free.

On the way through the sign up process, you will be offered all sorts of goodies, emails, websites, get found on google etc etc – just ignore these.

The first screen will look something like this.  If we have already bought a domain, then click the “I already own this domain” tab

Web Design Deloraine Tasmania


Select the package type (most likely “Baby”).

Select the Billing Cycle – the Default is 36 Months – where Hostgator will look to charge 3 years up front.  This will make the relative monthly charge lower, however, you can adjust to whatever billing cycle you are comfortable with.

Deloraine web hosting

Pick a username using a combination of letters and numbers  ie flintstone22

Then fill in the rest, which is fairly self explanatory :

Website Design Tasmania

Important : Make sure you enter an accurate current email address. If you don’ have one, we can use one of ours. This is important as this is how hostgator will send you payment receipts and notifications of any maintenance issues.

They will also pre-select some upsells similar to this :

web hosting options

Site Backup is the only “must have” in the list. But again, it’s up to you.

For the majority of initial local business projects, that will be all we need.

Advanced: Email Marketing

If we are setting up an email marketing database, follow up email sequences (request for info, brochures etc) or  automatic lead collection strategies, newsletters etc – then Aweber is our weapon of choice.

email marketing

The pricing for aweber scales as your email database grows, so just sign up for the entry level and it will look after itself.

This is a fairly advanced strategy, but very effective to build several points of contact prior to making a sale.


Advanced : Leadpages – stand alone lead capture pages

web design tasmania landing pages


Leadpages allow you to present a single page in order to capture an email or exchange an email address in exchange for a download, discount coupon or whatever. For extremely aggressive campaigns, this system can deliver digital assets, capture and place email addresses into your email databases without placing any strain on your server infrastructure.

Leadpages is the weapon of choice for some heavy hitting internet marketers.

Usually used in conjunction with paid traffic campaigns,  Leadpages allows you to test page variations by running traffic to different pages to reveal which page converts the best. This can be done extremely quickly, so the winners can be scaled and the under performing pages dumped.