Web Design Project : https://mvhwp.org/

Earlier this year we were contacted by Deloraine House to construct a site that provides information for people in the Meander Valley coping with any sort of mental illness from mild anxiety, depression right through to contemplating suicide.

We were given free reign for the content on the site. We carefully researched all the major subsets of the mental health services being provided, then dug deep into the organisations and designed the site around the common themes being discussed on the major mental health and wellbeing sites.

Not being burdened by close knowledge of the jargon or industry terms, what we ended up with was a clean, clear, easy to read site that provides a gateway to better understanding of the issues surrounding suicide, anxiety and depression and most importantly the local contacts and resources for people struggling or supporting people with mental issues.


This site is a simple design, but packed full of important detailed content – it was probably more a copywriting exercise than a design brief.

Comments from key stakeholders indicated that we met the brief and they were impressed by the uncomplicated layout, easy navigation and the plain language used throughout the site.

If you need a detailed informational site built or redesigned and you don’t have the time or inclination to create the content yourself, we’re more than happy to take a look at your project.

Done For You Website Content

Several clients over the past few weeks have commented how they were more than happy to hand over their project creative to us as they didn’t have the first clue on what to do or where to begin.

We are happy to build sites using 100% client provided content, but we are equally as happy to offer a 100% done for you solution if you are like most business owners and don’t have the time, creative instinct or inclination to create the website content yourself.

If you need help with a new site, redesign or getting more visitors to your existing website – please get in touch.