Web Development Expo Av

We were tasked with redesigning a site for Expo Av who operate a Audio Visual Rentals business in WA.

The site hadn’t been touched for quite a while, so was looking a little dated and clunky.

The brief was to create a fast loading, mobile responsive site to showcase the business to prospective rental clients and exhibition event organisers.

Mobile Responsive, or having the site viewable on mobile device like a phone or tablet without having to zoom in or scroll left/right is important, not just from a search engine aspect, but also from a user experience point of view.

There is nothing worse than having to try and scroll left/right to read content on a phone or having the site text so small it is impossible to read. With over 50% of internet traffic now on mobile devices, sites need to be mobile friendly to retain viewers and also have any chance of ranking in the search engines.


Web Development Expo Av


We utilised an extremely slimline WordPress deployment and custom CSS and despite a graphic heavy front page slider, we got the initial load speed down to under 1.5 seconds, compared to over 6 seconds for the old site. Page load speed is another important Google metric to aid search result position.  So we were pretty happy with that.

web design fast loading website


What makes this even more impressive is that 1.2 seconds of that was waiting for the client’s server to respond.


fast website development


We’ll be concentrating a lot of our development this year on this highly streamlined wordpress deployment strategy and we’re pretty confident our clients will be reaping the rewards.


The site can be found at http://expoav.com.au