Website Design Tasmania

Completed in late 2016, enables the staff at the Deloraine Community house to keep the locals of Deloraine updated on the valuable services and events hosted at the Community House.

Website Design Tasmania


Utilising a modern WordPress theme that incorporates a front page slider, we built in image gallery sliders and produced a series of in house training videos that enable new staff to be able to correctly add and update content to the website whenver they wish.

One feature of the site is a fantastic events calendar that is regularly updated with one off events.

The Calendar also enables recurring events to be entered once and be automatically updated based on a very flexible schedule.  This can be anything from a simple “every Monday at 10am” through to more complex declarations such as “Monthly – every second Tuesday at 11am”

Website Design


Another cool feature we implemented is a lightbox pop out screen when videos or PDF documents are viewed. When viewing PDF’s for instance, the site user gets to see the PDF in full screen and has download and print functions available with one click.

The site also incorporates a live Facebook feed on the homepage to alert visitors to the existence of the Facebook page and to highlight quick updates that may not warrant a blog post.

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